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Diego  S. (Don Trapo)
Mexico City, Mexico.

I have always been attracted by the movement and change since I was a small child in Mexico. As matter of fact I have always been evolving (at least I think so) continuously. From Mexico to the world I had the chance to guide my evolution with the influence of beautiful people from all around the globe.

My first international experience was in Chile, where I made wonderful friends and discovered the love of cooking. Then Germany where I learned how local traditions can be used to enhance the local future. Italy became my second home and true love materialized in Beatrice, my shy wife and with whom we have built a family.

The Italian cuisine went under my skin and melted into a Mexican-Italian Creole style that lacked only one ingredient to have a perfect center of gravity: Tortillas. It was when shy-Bea and I started thinking about opening a Mexican tortilleria. But it is only now, with the latest international experience in The Netherlands, where I found the stability, great partners and friends that I could start a new adventure: Mis Amores.

“Mis Amores” reflects the three factors that influence my life: Nutrition and food from my mother, art from my father and brother and the Mexican culture that is in my DNA. With this attempt, I am trying to materialize what I have learned over the past 20 years: cooking, the value of tradition to develop a local economy, love, and entrepreneurship.

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