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Take away and Pick up only Menu



1. Gringa
10.00 Euros
One of Mexico City’s people favorite, the gringa. Two tortillas with a filling of cheese and pastor seasoned meat.

2. Quesadilla
5.50 Euros
Two tortillas with a layer of cheese between them.

3. Quesadilla Huitlacoche
11.00 Euros Two tortillas filled with delicious melted cheese and huitlacoche (Mexican corn mushroom).

4. Tortillas 

White Corn 1kg 7.00 Euros. 

Blue Corn 1 kg 8.50Euros.

Half Kilos available to purchase.

We pack the tortillas in packages of half kilos.

5. Totopos and salsa
3.00 Euros
Freshly fried corn tortillas chips with red chipotle salsa.


Tortas  Mexican Style Sandwiches

1. Torta Pastor
11.00 Euros  Marinated pork with avocado, tomato, and mayonnaise with cheese 11.50.

2. Torta Cochinita
11.50 Euros Pull pork marinated with achiote, avocado and purple onions.

3. Torta de arrachera
12.00 Euros With avocado, tomato and mayonnaise with cheese 12.50.

4. Torta vegetarian
12.00 Euros Egg, beans, tomato, and avocado with cheese 12.50.


Make your own Tacos orders

All orders come with Corn Tortillas, Rice and Salsa.

1. Order Barbacoa
18.50 Euros Slowly cooked beef, traditionally prepared with laurel, garlic, and onion.  + 1 Euro Blue Tortillas.

2. Order Cochinita
19.50 Euros Slow cooked Iberico pork marinated and prepared with ‘achiote’, a typical sauce from Yucatán.+ 1 Euro Blue Tortillas.

3. Order Pastor
18.50 Euros  One of the favorite tacos among the Mexicans! Ibérico pork prepared according to the traditional Mexico City.

+ 1 Euro Blue Tortillas.

4. Order Hongos
18.00 Euros Braised onions and mushrooms, seasoned with “epazote” (Mexican tea) and garlic. + 1 Euro blue tortillas.

5. Order Arrachera
18.00 Euros Tender juicy beef meat.
+ 1 Euro blue tortillas.

6. Marinated beef Arrachera
29.90 (1 kg – raw), corn Tortillas (500 g) and salsa (300 ml).+ 2 Euro blue tortillas. ( Upon availability)



 1. Pastel  de 3 Leches:
5.50 Euros Delicious and sweet soft cake made of milk

Special Belgian Beers

1. Slaapmutske beer
4.00 Euros perfect of combination with Torta al Pastor or Order of Pastor.

2. Ara Beer
4.00 Euros perfect of combination with  Torta de Cochinita or Order of cochinita.

3. Zinne Beer
4.00 Euros perfect combination with the Torta de Arrachera.

4. Oerbier
4.00 Euros perfect combination with the order of Mushrooms.

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