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Friday & Saturday
from 18:00
Mis amores somos pasión por el arte culinario
We are 5 Mexicans from several places around Mexico with different interests and hobbies but with one thing that bring us together, our passion for Mexican food and Mexican culture. One year ago we bought an industrial tortilla machine, and we started to do parties to sell our product and promote traditional Mexican food with a modern take on presentation as taste.

The name ‘Mis Amores Restaurant & Art’ represents our passion, and the logo our journey.

Inspired by the legend of the Aztec mythology, the Axolotl (from Nahuatl: atl, ‘water’ and xolotl, ‘monster’), is related to the god Xólotl, brother of Quetzalcoatl. The Xolotl is associated with the idea of movement to and of life. It is a god with the ability of metamorphosis and has inspired our growth.

From the purchase of our tortilla machine to becoming owners of a restaurant; Mis Amores Restaurant & Art, like the Axolotl, is in constant evolution.

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