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Mis Amores Mexican Restaurant

We are located in Eindhoven Centrum.

In this crisis moments we are taking the most save measurements for the health of everyone of us and to continue sharing our food with passion for Mexican flavours and traditional cuisine.

Please select below the way to get your dinner today. We deliver in Eindhoven centrum in an area of up to 10 KM from the restaurant. We will be happy to take your order.

Please click in the link next to the image and description to select your dishes and or special requests.

Home Delivery
From €25
  • Take away your dinner from mis amores.
  • Select your dinner by clicking the button below and we will deliver to your home address.
  • Digital payment required.
  • Delivering on an 10 km area from Eindhoven centre
Home Delivery
From €25
  • Order by Deliveroo and your dinner will be at your home address
  • Reaching 10 km from Eindhoven centre
Special Dish
From €25
  • When there is something special you want to eat, please let us know and we will prepare it for you
  • We deliver in an area 15 km from Eindhoven centre
  • Digital payment required
Order a dinner for later
From €25
  • Make your order and with your voucher you can visit us or get your delivery at home for later
  • We will keep your voucher with your meal warm for as long as neccessary
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Mis amores somos pasión por el arte culinario
We are a 5 Mexicans from several places around Mexico with a different interests and hobbies but with one thing that bring us together, our passion for Mexican food and Mexican culture. 1 year ago we bought an industrial tortilla machine, and we started to do parties to sell our product and promote traditional Mexican food with a modern take on presentation as taste.

The name ‘Mis Amores Restaurant & Art’ represents our passion, and the logo our journey.

Inspired by the legend of the Aztec mythology, the Axolotl (from Nahuatl: atl, ‘water’ and xolotl, ‘monster’), is related to the god Xólotl, brother of Quetzalcoatl. The Xolotl is associated with the idea of movement to and of life. It is a god with the ability of metamorphosis and has inspired our growth.

From the purchase of our tortilla machine to becoming owners of a restaurant; Mis Amores Restaurant & Art, like the Axolotl, is in constant evolution.

Do you want to know more about us or make a reservation?
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