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  • Take away your lunch or dinner from Mis Amores Restaurant
  • Free beer or soft drink for every 20€ order (excl. packing)
Special offers
  • Order by Deliveroo your lunch or dinner and it will be delivered home
  • Deliver 2 km from Eindhoven centre
Special Delivery
Mis Amores Menu
  • The traditional menu from Mis Amores Restaurant
  • Deliver 10 km from Eindhoven centre
  • Orders above €50
Gift Voucher
Get 15% extra
  • Make a pre-order and you will get a voucher with 15% more the value of your payment
  • The vaucher will be redeem for food & drinks at Mis Amores restaurant

Mis Amores Mexican Restaurant

Special offers and opening times during Covid-19

Openning times:

 Monday to Wednesday: 16:30 to 20:30

Thursday to Sunday: 11:30 to 13:30 and 16:30 to 20:30

Mis amores somos pasión por el arte culinario
We are a 5 Mexicans from several places around Mexico with a different interests and hobbies but with one thing that bring us together, our passion for Mexican food and Mexican culture. 1 year ago we bought an industrial tortilla machine, and we started to do parties to sell our product and promote traditional Mexican food with a modern take on presentation as taste.

The name ‘Mis Amores Restaurant & Art’ represents our passion, and the logo our journey.

Inspired by the legend of the Aztec mythology, the Axolotl (from Nahuatl: atl, ‘water’ and xolotl, ‘monster’), is related to the god Xólotl, brother of Quetzalcoatl. The Xolotl is associated with the idea of movement to and of life. It is a god with the ability of metamorphosis and has inspired our growth.

From the purchase of our tortilla machine to becoming owners of a restaurant; Mis Amores Restaurant & Art, like the Axolotl, is in constant evolution.

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