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Watch the World Cup matches with us and support the Mexican team!

We’re now also OPEN on Thursday!

Opening times:

Thursday to Saturday
from 18:00
Mis amores somos pasión por el arte culinario
We are a group of Mexicans from various places in Mexico. Despite having different interests, backgrounds and hobbies, there is one thing that we have in common: pride of Mexican gastronomy.

Our logo is inspired in the Axolotl, a paedomorphic salamander endemic to Mexico City.  The species is capable of regenerating limbs, gills and parts of their eyes and brains. Hence, remaining ‘young’ forever. In the Aztec pantheon, the axolotl is the animal form of the God Xolotl, the twin brother of Quetzalcoatl. Xolotl was associated with death and the underworld, but also with transformation.

From the purchase of our tortilla machine to becoming owners of a restaurant, Mis Amores Restaurant & Art -like the Axolotl- is in constant transformation.

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